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Welcome to the January 2020 Front Porch Design “SHOPLIST”. The place where we share some of our favorite things from our studio each month.

January is a great month to look forward. Get rid of the old and see what is new on the horizon. Give yourself the opportunity to assess what you have, identify what you need, figure out what you want and then sort out how it all fits together. One of the things that we noticed this January is how much blue was living in our studio and how exciting it is to combine it with other fresh colors.


in and around CLASSIC BLUE


This painting is original artwork that explores shape and color in a graded manner. The colors create a wonderful ombre effect while not being predictable and harsh. The colors are consistent with the softer moods that are coming in the new year and not surprisingly consistent with one of my favorite scarves. (Not that my scarves have ever been a barometer of Art design) I do think that these colors are calming yet interesting.

Dimensions 44ʺW × 58ʺH ×1.5ʺD

Condition Good Condition

Style Modern, Mid-century



Elegance and sophistication... this bench has it all. Very lush newly upholstered in blue velvet while leaving the gilded decorative iron base with some patina of age on them. This bench will add a luxurious touch to whatever space it is added to.

Dimensions 48.5ʺW × 16.5ʺD × 17.5ʺH

Period 1930s

Condition This bench has been fully upholstered with totally new velvet and foam. The legs are gilded iron and on the inside of one leg you can see there is some chipping and you can see the red primer color beneath.

Style Art Deco/Art Nouveau Victorian

Materials Cast Iron,Velvet Seat Height17.5 inches



These classic plates add style and class to any table. the Dansk quality is known for its timeless simple design and high quality. These four plates are a great addition to an existing collection or a wonderful everyday breakfast or lunch set. We will often use a print salad plate over a larger plain white dinner plate when entertaining friends. another good use is to have a smaller set of high quality plates for everyday use if you have a smaller household. the bottom line is you really cannot go wrong with Dansk. Oven and dishwasher safe.

Dimensions 9” plate with 6” interior useable plate and 1.5” edge.

$45.00 for set of 4 plates


This beautiful bowl is solid teak

and has the most elegant grain

pattern. I find that wood has the most natural organic way of showcasing anything that is on or around it. Use this bowl for actual fruit/salad or as a decorative element to hold all of your treasures. And if you are like Eliza just leave it empty a gorgeous. (not saying Eliza is empty and gorgeous. She just doesn't like clutter)

Dimensions 9.5.5ʺW × 9.5ʺD × 5.25ʺH

Condition Good Condition

Style Modern Mid-century

Materials teak wood


VINTAGE BLUE GLASS CANDLE HOLDERS Nothing dresses up a table like a pair of candle holders. These glass holders are brilliant blue and let you table feel stylish with out being overly formal about it all. We love to pair our candle holders with complementary petite floral arrangements ( keep table floral decor short so your dinner guests can see each other) these would look wonderful next to some bright orange or yellow blooms.

Dimensions 4.5ʺW × 4.5ʺD × 4.5ʺH

Condition Excellent Condition

Style classic color

Materials colored glass matte finish



This lovely creature has so much potential. Glazed in orange with gold accenting this Giraffe is such a fun way to add color to a space. Will work well on coffee table, console, book shelf or perfect accent for a very stylish kids room. The scale is truly perfect for what it is. Not too big that your friends will ask “ So… whats up with the giraffe??” Not so small that is gets lost. As our favorite naturalist Goldilocks said “ it is just right!!”

Dimensions 3.5ʺW × 6ʺD × 10.25ʺH

Condition excellent Condition

Style Mid-century, whimsical

Materials glazed ceramic



So I will admit it I have a serious box problem!!! This little gem has lived a full life. the colors are vibrant but she has lived a very full life and has the patina of age to prove it. Every once in a while the wear and tear speak with character. In the immortal words of our old pal Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolates” he just forgot to say keep the box it is a lovely place to keep your stuff when you have eaten them all..

Dimensions 10.25" x 6" x 3.5"

Condition significant wear on the lid and sides


HANDMADE ART GLASS BOWL: I have watched glass blowers a hundred times making the most incredible works of art from molten glass, but i am always amazed at how they manage to create and place the color. So many beautiful shapes and styles. this large flat bowl is so beautiful just as created. The bowl is signed but just as yours is every time you sign a touch screen the signature is woefully illegible, therefore the only value in is that some nameless artist

hand crafted this piece just

for your home.

Dimensions 14.5ʺW × 14.5ʺD × 2ʺH

Condition Excellent Condition

Style modern

Materials Handblown colored glass


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