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What we do...


Our main service here at FPD is to help folks bring more of your own personal style into your home. 


We are a full service upholstery shop. Whether your piece is modern or antique we have got you covered (or re-covered).


We Offer:


-frame stabilization & repair

-wood re-finishing & painting

-pillows of all shapes and sizes

and more.


If it has to do with furniture we can do it or we will do everything we can to get you to someone who can.




We are happy to help you find the right fabric for your projects. We have basic linen velvet  and cotton books at our warehouse but if you are looking for something special we are happy to provide you with the latest swatches that match your style, color and budget.  We are also happy to use any fabric that you supply to us with no cutting fee's. 


If you are looking for great items that are ready to go please check out our internet "CHARISH" shop  @

Our Studio in Berkeley is no longer open please just give us a call or email to chat  510 472-4822


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